Install Ubuntu 20.04 on Oracle Virtual Box

Install  Ubuntu Linux Inside Windows Using VirtualBox [Step by Step Guide]


 1. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit with 16 GB RAM & 2 Core CPU. And 50 GB FreeSpace

 2. Oracle Virtual Box.

3. Hardware virtualization enable in BIOS and Disable Hyper-V on widows Feature.

      C:\>bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off   --> Restart after command Execute

4. Ubuntu Download


ubuntu download

Installation Steps

1. Install Oracle Virtual Box and Click desktop shortcut icon.


oracel Virtual Box

2. Click New Button to create Virtual Machine. Provide the Name,location, type & version and click next

                                         new vm


3. Allocate Memory Size for the Virtual Machine

                                         Memory allocate

4. Create a Virtual Hard disk.

Create Hard disk

5. Select Hard disk type.


HDD Type

6. Select Storage Type.

storage type

7. Virtual Disk Size allocation.

disk size

8. General settings for Virtual machine.


9. Click Advanced and select Bidirectional on Shared Clipboard and Drag Drop.



10. Configure System Processor.


11. Configure Network Adapter. (Select NAT, Bridge Network, Internal Network based on the configuration)



12. Attach Ubuntu ISO to build the machine and Close.


cd mount


ISO Mount

13. Select the created VM and click Start.

14. Select start-up disk to start installation.


startup disk

15. Click mouse point inside the window and select Ubuntu for installation.

16. Select English on left side window and Click Install Ubuntu.

Install Ubuntu

17. Select Keyboard Layout.


18. Select the installation mode.

installation mode

19. Disk Configuration for Ubuntu installation. Select Erase disk and install Ubuntu click install now

20. Click Continue.

21. Select Time Zone, based out living country.

22. Create a login Account.Click Continue.

23. Installation Starts.

24. Click Restart to complete the installation.

  Once the rebooted, Ubuntu Virtual machine is ready to use.

                                                          ****Happy learning***


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