Web Development Self Learning Program for Beginners

Microsoft announced Web Development  Self Learning Program for Beginners.

Web Development for Beginners - A Curriculum 

Microsoft announced Web Development Program Self Learning for Beginners. Interested Peoples can Join and learn web development technologies. Program Name Called 'Web Dev for Beginners' is hosted on GitHub and YouTube. 

 Azure Cloud Advocates at Microsoft offer a 12-week, 24-lesson curriculum all about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML basics.

Microsoft also wrote several starter lessons in JavaScript basics to introduce concepts, paired with video from the "Beginners Series to: JavaScript" collection of video tutorials, some of whose authors contributed to this curriculum.

While we have purposefully avoided introducing JavaScript frameworks so as to concentrate on the basic skills needed as a web developer before adopting a framework, a good next step to completing this curriculum would be learning about Node.js via another collection of videos: "Beginner Series to: Node.js".

Each lesson includes:

  • optional sketch note
  • optional supplemental video
  • pre-lesson warmup quiz
  • written lesson
  • for project-based lessons, step-by-step guides on how to build the project
  • knowledge checks
  • a challenge
  • supplemental reading
  • assignment
  • post-lesson quiz


          We have chosen two pedagogical tenets while building this curriculum: ensuring that it is project-based and that it includes frequent quizzes. By the end of this series, students will have built a typing game, a virtual terrarium, a 'green' browser extension, a 'space invaders' type game, and a business-type banking app, and will have learned the basics of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS along with the modern toolchain of today's web developer.


Project Name

Concepts Taught

Learning Objectives

Linked Lesson

Written Lesson


Getting Started

Introduction to Programming and Tools of the Trade

Learn the basic underpinnings behind most programming languages and about software that helps professional developers do their jobs

Intro to Programming Languages and Tools of the Trade


Getting Started

Basics of GitHub, includes working with a team

How to use GitHub in your project, how to collaborate with others on a code base

Intro to GitHub


Getting Started


Learn the basics of web accessibility

Accessibility Fundamentals


JS Basics

JavaScript Data Types

The basics of JavaScript data types

Data Types


JS Basics

Functions and Methods

Learn about functions and methods to manage an application's logic flow

Functions and Methods


JS Basics

Making Decisions with JS

Learn how to create conditions in your code using decision-making methods

Making Decisions


JS Basics

Arrays and Loops

Work with data using arrays and loops in JavaScript

Arrays and Loops



HTML in Practice

Build the HTML to create an online terrarium, focusing on building a layout

Introduction to HTML



CSS in Practice

Build the CSS to style the online terrarium, focusing on the basics of CSS including making the page responsive

Introduction to CSS



JavaScript Closures, DOM manipulation

Build the JavaScript to make the terrarium function as a drag/drop interface, focusing on closures and DOM manipulation

JavaScript Closures, DOM manipulation


Typing Game

Build a Typing Game

Learn how to use keyboard events to drive the logic of your JavaScript app

Event-Driven Programming


Green Browser Extension

Working with Browsers

Learn how browsers work, their history, and how to scaffold the first elements of a browser extension

About Browsers


Green Browser Extension

Building a form, calling an API and storing variables in local storage

Build the JavaScript elements of your browser extension to call an API using variables stored in local storage

APIs, Forms, and Local Storage


Green Browser Extension

Background processes in the browser, web performance

Use the browser's background processes to manage the extension's icon; learn about web performance and some optimizations to make

Background Tasks and Performance


Space Game

More Advanced Game Development with JavaScript

Learn about Inheritance using both Classes and Composition and the Pub/Sub pattern, in preparation for building a game

Introduction to Advanced Game Development


Space Game

Drawing to canvas

Learn about the Canvas API, used to draw elements to a screen

Drawing to Canvas


Space Game

Moving elements around the screen

Discover how elements can gain motion using the cartesian coordinates and the Canvas API

Moving Elements Around


Space Game

Collision detection

Make elements collide and react to each other using keypresses and provide a cooldown function to ensure performance of the game

Collision Detection


Space Game

Keeping score

Perform math calculations based on the game's status and performance

Keeping Score


Space Game

Ending and restarting the game

Learn about ending and restarting the game, including cleaning up assets and resetting variable values

The Ending Condition


Banking App

HTML Templates and Routes in a Web App

Learn how to create the scaffold of a multipage website's architecture using routing and HTML templates

HTML Templates and Routes


Banking App

Build a Login and Registration Form

Learn about building forms and handing validation routines



Banking App

Methods of Fetching and Using Data

How data flows in and out of your app, how to fetch it, store it, and dispose of it



Banking App

Concepts of State Management

Learn how your app retains state and how to manage it programmatically

State Management




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